Justin Passaro

Dear Mr. Booker,

Justin Passaro

Justin Passaro

My name is Justin Passaro and I am a freshman at Youngstown State University. Through my writing class, I have learned much about you and your work.

Mr. Booker, words cannot describe how much of a positive impact learning about you has had on me. You fought for what you believed in with dedication, bravery and an outstanding work ethic.

Although, out of all your great work, the
1963 March on Washington is what really
made me a fan for life. Knowing there
was potential for violence, showing no
hesitation, you remained dedicated to
your work by doing what you knew was
right. I honestly feel that not many other
people could have followed through with their work in that situation. I truly believe that your work played a very substantial role in the progress of civil rights. That progress needs to continue though.

As you said before, “This is just the end to the beginning.” I am also a firm believer that the people of America, as a whole, must come together and continue the progress.

Mr. Booker, your work has also inspired me to become a person even more focused on equality.

It has been an honor to have the opportunity to write to you. If I could just be half the person you are, I will be satisfied with my life.

Thanks for the inspiration,

Justin Passaro



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