Michael Wittman

Dear Mr. Booker,

Michael Wittman

Michael Wittman

Welcome back Mr. Booker; we appreciate you being here.

Your name – Simeon Saunders Booker Jr. – may not be mentioned as often as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but in terms of importance to the Civil Rights Movement of the last century, your name and King’s rank are very near to one another.

Several of my classmates and I in the Composition I course at Youngstown State University spent a few weeks reading and researching your life and work.

As a member of the millennial generation
and a large supporter of racial equality,
I cannot offer enough gratitude to you
for your years of work in journalism and
for helping bring down the wall of racial
segregation. I’m sure that I am just one of many who feel this way. I’m sure that the victims of racial attacks that you wrote about in stories in Jet and Ebony magazines are grateful that their horrific experiences did not go undocumented. Your will to shed light on stories of abuse and murder of innocent African Americans and your bravery to venture into the dangerous, Deep South were vital in fueling the Civil Rights Movement.

Many leaders of that movement took inspiration from your work. In my opinion, you deserve every bit of praise and civilian honor available in our country. You were a catalyst in getting this country to change its ugly ways. For this I say: “Thank you. Thank you, Simeon for playing your part in making the country I call home a better place for people of every race.”

With gratitude,

Michael Wittmann



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